Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ


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The LOBO SuperTRAQ is the pinnacle of electronic gold prospecting technology.
Being designed to react to tiny gold nuggets in some of the world's most difficult ground conditions has a hugely beneficial spinoff for UK detectorists.
They are discovering that it's incredible sensitivity makes it arguably the best small gold and hammered silver coin detector available.
Definitely the detector of choice for the really serious user.

SuperTRAQ computerized ground tracking system - VLF 17.5 KHz Frequency
Silent Search discrimination mode - Three ground tracking modes - MAXboost sensitivity
Pole or body mount - Three piece stem
11" x 8" 2D Widescan Coil Searchcoil

(shown with 9" x 8" Web Coil)
We will match any Tesoro/Laser dealer's price at time of purchase

Customer Reviews

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Iron see through

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I'll make no secret I've been a long time user of some of tesoro's best detectors, but by far the best has to be the lobo supertrac, Some metal detectorist spend a life time trying and buying other detectors but if you want the ultimate in iron see through the tesoro's eb180 discrimination filter has got the the lobo supertrac performing like few others. I recommend this fine product with hesitation. If you don't want to download endless new updates or get confused by detector manufacturers hype then this really is greatest of all time. (02 Sep 2017, 19:11)

Tesoro Lobo Super Traq

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Brilliant Machine, Super Sensitive to tiny objects, Nicely Balanced Machine, excellent iron seperation, wouldnt hesitate to put it up against the latest & greatest from Top Manafacturers. (31 Aug 2017, 12:10)
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Product Code LOBO
Manufacturer Tesoro
Condition New